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At Charis Bookkeeping we offer a variety of solutions for small to mid-size businesses.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help meet your company's back office accounting and bookkeeping needs! 

Full-Charge Bookkeeping
One of the main things we do is partnering with small businesses to become their entire accounting department.  We handle everything from front-line AP/AR data entry, to monthly financial statement preparation, and everything in-between. We'll partner with your local CPA firm (even help you find a CPA if need be) to ensure they have all the necessary information to file your tax returns.
We're honored you'd think about trusting us with something as important as taking care of your employees.  Talk to us today   
QuickBooks Training
Many businesses are dependent upon good supplier relationships to keep operations running smoothly. We understand that A/P management goes well beyond entering bills into QuickBooks. Maintaining good working relationships with key vendors is something we take very seriously.
Similar to our A/R service, our A/P package includes KPIs and benchmarks.
Software Setup / Training


From an accounting perspective, the software you choose is one of the most important decisions you'll make.  Almost equally as important, is your Chart of Accounts.  Having a proper Chart of Accounts can make a world of difference in how you view the financial performance of your company.  
If you need assistance evaluating software, or if you need training, we're here to help.
Budgets / Cash Flow Mgmt
Ah yes...Budgets.  Everyone's favorite.  Budgeting and cash flow management may not be the most glamarous parts of a business, but they can be two of the most important ingredients of success.
We want to work with you to create an effective budget that will help bring peace of mind.
General Ledger "Clean-Up"
When you run an Income Statement, do you only see one expense account listed?  Is the name of that expense account, "Ask My Accountant"?  If so, we can help!
It's important to have your books as clean as possible before handing them over to your CPA.  You don't want to get stuck paying CPA rates to re-book day-to-day transactions.
Job Costing
Getting a hold of job profitability can be a major undertaking.  It's important to approach job costing with the appropriate level of prerequisite knowledge and experience.
Job costing is something we're well versed in.       
Business Consulting
As the saying goes: Numbers don't lie.  One of the best things about keeping books for a company is how well you get to know that company.  
Let us put our years of business experience to work for you!
Sales Tax Tracking
Miscalculating the amount of Sales Tax due, or missing filing deadlines can result in costly penalties and interest.  In certain situations, the state can even require your company to post expensive bonds tying up much needed capital.
Let us help you with your sales tax.     
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