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Charis Bookkeeping Services began in response to a need for quality bookkeeping provided by knowledgeable accountants.  The company was founded on the following 4 principles:


Integrity: We like to think of integrity as, "what you do when no one is looking".  It's easy to make the right decision when you have an audience, but what about when you're alone?  We go to great lengths to ensure we operate with the same ethics, no matter the circumstance.


Wisdom: A simple definition of wisdom is, "the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment".  One of the chief characteristics of   wisdom is creativity.  Our goal is to use our wisdom to build the best accounting system for your company.


Diligence: When we approach our engagements, we do so with diligence in mind.  Our belief is that "careful and persistent work" is the best way to handle accounting.          


Excellence: Corner-cutting and carelessness are two things we're not fond of.  While we are all about improving processes and efficiencies, we won't do so at the cost of quality.


For more of our thoughts about how the above principles shape our business practices, check out our blog page. 

About the Owner


Jon has a BSBA in Accounting from Colorado State University and over 10 years of accounting experience.  During that time he's worked with companies in the fields of: manufacturing, real estate, construction, retail, medical, SaaS, restaurant, aviation, and non-profit.  As an avid enthusiast of both business and accounting, Jon is involved in several regional and national professional organizations.  He currently lives in McKinney, TX, and when not working, he can be found playing golf, working out, reading, and spending time with family and friends.  

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